Find Your Perfect Skincare Order

Find Your Perfect Skincare Order

How To Find Your Perfect Skincare Order – My Quiz. Are you ready [to receive] life-changing results with your perfect skincare order?

Skincare Order Quiz

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About The Skincare Quiz

The R+F Solution Tool will help you discover the perfect Derm Inspired skincare products for all your skin requirements.

The Rodan Fields Solution is a quiz AI software specifically designed algorithm used to give you the Perfect skincare Order for skin type and skin concerns. With the recommendation of the Rodan and Fields products and the latest product developments.

A versatile approach to providing product solutions and treatments to the skincare products and regimens designed Dermatologist Dr Rodan + Fields Virtual reality technology was created to recreate the clinical office of Dr Rodan or Dr Fields as near as is as can be done on the internet.

What order should I apply my skincare products in, and does it matter? It turns out that it does!

According to the Doctor’s, are both board-certified dermatologist who believe that applying your skincare items in the correct order ensures that the skin enjoys the full benefits of each product.

The order of application is extremely important,” Dr Rodan and Fields always says. Your skin is there to keep things out, but many of the skincare items we use include ingredients that we don’t want to let in. Even when perfectly prepared and applied, only a very small amount of these main ingredients will penetrate the skin. You will not get the best results from your skincare regimen if you do not apply products in the right order.

It Will Provide You with The Simplest Solution to Layering Skin Care Products in the correct order. It will provide you solutions to your skincare concerns.

So, which product goes on top of which? Remember to be as clear as crystal; apply your products from thinnest to thickest or from liquid to cream. Thinking thin-to-thick in general, but you also want to start with the products that need to penetrate the skin the most (like antioxidants in serums) and finish with the products that need to stay on top of the skin (like emollients and humectants in moisturisers,” says the Derms.

According to Drs, the morning routine is all about protecting yourself from the heat, pollution, and the elements, so save your peel pads and care items, such as retinol, for the evening.


Begin your morning routine by splashing warm water on your face or, if necessary, washing with a gentle face cleanser tailored for your skin type.

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Most people avoid toners, partially because there is a persistent belief that most toners are harsh and irritate the skin. Fortunately, it is no longer the case. Though they do not physically “shrink” pores, the new generation of toners will act as a delivery mechanism for antioxidants, vitamin B derivatives, and even toning acids. Furthermore, toner is designed to address a specific skin problem, so it’s critical to choose the right one for your skin concern.

However, if you’ve never used a toner before and your skin appears healthy, Dr Rogers says there’s no need to start. Toners were produced to help restore the skin’s pH and get your skin ready for the next step.

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Serums are highly concentrated, nutrient-dense solutions that fix particular issues, but they should be applied as close to the skin as possible. I suggest Hydrating serums for the daytime, which offer various benefits; thirsty skin should be quenched. With our super hydrating serum, you can instantly increase hydration levels by 200 per cent and lock in moisture. Combine with every Regimen for even better performance.

Regardless of age or skin condition, all skin types need hydration to function optimally. There is a common misconception that only dry or older skin needs hydration, when in reality, all skin types, including acne-prone or oily skin, may benefit from the right form of hydration.


The Dermatologist, our recommendation using an eye cream at least once a night, if not twice a day, beginning in your twenties. “It’s all about keeping the eyelid skin healthy and thick. Improving skin quality in this region early on ensures that the eyelid skin does not lose laxity and smoothness later on.”

Consistency is important for the best performance. Over time, regular eye cream can keep the eyelid skin elastic and strengthen or avoid any fine lines or collagen loss. Remember, it is all about being regular in your Skincare Order.

The Dermatologist also continues, Results do not happen overnight. You will further protect the fragile skin around your eyes by using an SPF eye cream or applying sunscreen daily. The Drs also recommends wearing sunglasses when going outside to protect against UV-light damage and lines that can form around the corners of your eyes from squinting.


According to a Dermatologist, targeted Dark Spot Treatment and acne spot remedies should be applied as close to the skin as possible to optimise their benefits.

Since active ingredients in acne spot treatments vary, review your product packaging or consult your dermatologist on the best way to apply it. Rodan and Fields Spotless Teen Acne benzoyl peroxide, a popular acne spot treatment ingredients, has been specially formulated for teen acne outbreaks.

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 MOISTURISER IS YOUR SIXTH STEP In Your Perfect Skincare Order

Yeah, you can use a moisturiser even with oily skin. In a nutshell, your body has its own natural lubricating mechanism that constitutes of glands that secrete oil (or sebum). To maintains a protective layer against harsh outside conditions, most of us need additional hydration to combat the temperature changes, and harsh pollution can affect our skin.

The Derms recommend applying a moisturiser when the skin is still wet, so the sooner you finish applying your serum and cream, the sooner you can lock in much-needed hydration with your moisturiser.

SUNSCREEN is the seventh step.

If you use a physical or mineral sunscreen that physically blocks UV rays, sunscreen, the final step in your Skincare Order. When using a chemical sunscreen, this step becomes more difficult.

According to the Drs, Chemical sunscreens must be absorbed into the skin to be successful, so applying after your moisturiser can delay that process. However, if you apply your chemical sunscreen first, the moisturiser would not perform as well because the skin is saturated with chemical sunscreen.”

To avoid this, I recommend that you are using a physical sunscreen applying it after your moisturiser. A Sunscreen that is safe and effective and offers the most comprehensive defence against UVA and UVB rays.

Many that choose chemical sunscreens should search for a formula that also provides moisturising benefits, so they can meet their regular hydration requirements while preserving their skin.

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Your Nighttime Skincare Order

Since your skin naturally heals itself at night, your nighttime routine should focus on care and providing your skin with what it needs, according to the Dermatologist. Exfoliating at night if your skin is looking dry. Hydrate and cover if it is irritated. The following is the best order for skincare items to ensure you get the most out of them:


Some experts suggest removing your makeup first with a dedicated makeup remover before cleansing your face. Rodan and Fields Regimens all come with cleansers that can remove the day’s grime, dirt, oil, and makeup and address your skin concerns. Better still, consider double cleaning, which entails first removing your makeup with cleansing oil and then washing your face with your usual cleanser.

The first thing you can do is removing your makeup. Typically, the first cleansing is to remove the makeup, dirt and debris from your day. The next step in your Perfect Skincare order is to use a face wash to remove any excess sebum, dirt, or makeup produced in the first step. This leaves the skin feeling clean and ready to consume your skincare regimen.”

Skincare TIP: After removing your makeup, use a physical exfoliant, such as a facial scrub, instead of your cleanser.

STEP 2: Japanese Rodan and Fields ESSENCES, or USA, Canada, Australia TONERS

If you use a toner, apply it in the same manner as you would in the morning.

Some people tend to layer different types of skincare boosters at night, such as mists, essences, beauty waters, or hydrating (hyaluronic acid) serums. These are infused with various active ingredients, but the main goal is to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Since these are light, almost water-like formulations, apply them after washing your face, just like a toner. Toner is used to gently exfoliate scrub, while essence is used to provide treatment. When using several products, remember the follow the same procedure: apply from thinnest to thickest.

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Step 3: Add EYE CREAM

Face creams, in addition to treating crow’s feet and dark circles, will shield the delicate eye region from other skincare items.

Generally, you should apply your eye cream before your procedures to protect your eye region from potent ingredients that could cause irritation.

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Your skin begins the largest part of its healing, rebuilding, and regenerating as we sleep. 

Many targeted skincare products, retinol creams, exfoliating treatments ( masks), and anti-ageing serums like REDEFINE INTENSIVE RENEWING SERUM, infused with peptides and other active ingredients, are best used in your Evening Skincare Order. The Rodan and Fields Solution Tool will recommend if you need this or not.

With Rodan and Fields, we know that too many steps in your skincare order will increase the risk of frustration and decrease the probability of achieving the desired result. Therefore choose your evening treatment based on your skin needs that night, not what you have in your medicine cabinet. Some evenings, it can be as simple as washing, moisturising, and going to bed. There is always tomorrow to lavish more attention on your skin.”

Here are some more extra points to consider:

Prescription medications (for acne or rosacea) OR exfoliative remedies (such as AHA/BHA pads, peels, or detoxifying masks) “Using both on the same night greatly increases your risk of irritating your skin,” Dr Rogers warns.

Retinol creams (whether over-the-counter or prescription) should not be used on the same night as exfoliative procedures.

Exfoliating procedures can be used sparingly, one to three days a week.

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Some people use the same moisturiser at night and during the day. On the other hand, night moisturisers or night creams are usually thicker and stronger and are intended to be consumed over the course of several hours.

Moisturiser, particularly heavier ones used at night, forms a protective coating on the skin to prevent water evaporation while you are sleeping. 

High water content in the skin is important for healing and preserving healthy skin. It should be your last move if you’re using the right moisturiser, or nothing can get through it. Those of you with dry skin will want to apply the Active Hydration Serum before your night cream.

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Timing Is Also Essential In Your Skincare Order

Aside from the order of application, some experts agree that the time it takes for your skin to absorb your products is also crucial to remember. The Drs know that that this isn’t always easy since most of us are in a hurry to get somewhere (or to bed). The words of wisdom I am always sharing is to? Keep your skincare routine as easy as possible.

Many products state that you must wait anywhere from five to thirty minutes before proceeding to the next stage to ensure proper absorption, but who has time for that? 

If you find things too hard, you won’t do it, So that is why we have come up with the Regimens and each step labelled. If you have multiple steps, pause for a minute to give and product time to respond with the skin. For example, after washing my face and applying my serum or evening treatment at night, I simply wrap up my day and go to bed. 

I keep my moisturiser on my nightstand and apply it right before bed to give these normally pricey, specialist treatments a little more time to penetrate the skin before sealing them in with my cream.

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