How To Stop Mask Acne When Wearing A Facemask.

These are my Acne (Maskne) Skincare go-to tips.



Wearing a face mask (Maskne) to protect our health will be part of our future for a while and so might Acne be. With most of us returning to work or and everyday routines. Requiring us to wear face masks for an extended period of time. I know many, whose skin is now failing to adjust to this new normal. Your face will now be reacting in many ways by breaking out in Acne, becoming irritated and showing a red facial rash.


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Pro Tips To Keep Skin Acne Free Wearing a Face Mask

I have some excellent news – There is great news now on how to restore your skin with an easy at-home skincare routine.

We know that the benefit of wearing a face mask is that it protects us from spreading viruses. I always encourage you to follow the health care professional’s guidance and wear your mask whenever you are going out, along with washing your hands as good hygiene.

But in the essence of skin and body care, here are some recommendations to help ensure that your face and skin remains to look fantastic when you remove that face mask. There are some excellent cosmetic dermatology products at your fingertips to help you restore your glowing skin. These steps can be done in your home without having to go to a face spa to treat your maskne

Acne + Maskne Rodan and Fields

Common Causes of Maskne - Acne

So most will want to know what acne is?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It often causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples on the face and body. This will usually appear on the face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders. Acne is most commonly found in teenagers,

There are many effective treatments available, but acne can be a persistent problem for many. The pimples and bumps heal slowly, and to your dismay, when one spot begins to go away, others seem to crop up. This can be so annoying.

Depending on its severity, acne can cause emotional distress and scarring to the skin. The earlier you start treatment, the lower your risk of such problems. This is where I am here to help you.

Symptoms of Common Acne.

Acne signs and symptoms vary depending on the severity of your skin condition:

Whiteheads (closed plugged pores), Blackheads (open blocked pores), Small red, tender bumps ( papules), Pimples (pustules), which are papules with pus at their tips. Large, solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin (nodules). Lastly, Painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin (cystic lesions).

Now as we are facing the prospect of wearing face masks till 70% of the population are vaccinated – there seems to be something else triggering acne outbreaks – ie Maskne.

Pro Tips To Keep Skin Acne Free Wearing a Face Mask ( Maskne)

Common Causes of Acne

Four main factors that cause acne are excess oil productionhair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells, and bacteria, the extra activity of a type of hormone (androgens).

For many people, acne typically appears on your face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders because these areas of skin have the most oil (sebaceous) glands. Hair follicles are connected to oil glands.

The follicle wall may bulge and produce a whitehead. The plug may be open to the surface and darken, causing a blackhead. A blackhead may look like dirt stuck in pores.

The reality is that the pore is congested with bacteria and oil, turning brown when exposed to the air.

  • Keeping Your Body Cool – When wearing a face mask.

The effects of a face mask will be to increase the heat and warmth around your face. We can do things to make for a comfortable mask life for the skin to keep cool, comfortable cold feeling face & body care products!

When I wear a mask, it is so hot that I cannot stop sweating, and my discomfort increases. We are often in situations where you cannot remove the mask; when you are on trains, shops, or offices.

Acne Rodan and Fields

Pro Tips To Keep Skin Acne Free Wearing a Face Mask

These are my methods for reducing the heat & sweat from my body during summer, caused by the face mask. I have also selected items to help to cool and care for your body and skin. These will decrease skin temperature, so please check it out!

Cool your whole-body temperature by applying cold pressure strategically

If you are going to slap an ice pack or bag of frozen peas anywhere on your body, then press it against the pulse point on your wrist, neck, chest, temples. If you have watched many Hollywood movies, you will see actors doing the same thing.

There are spots on the body that will release a lot of heat from the body. These areas where the veins flow closest to the surface of the skin. For you to expedite the cooling down sensation that you need, these spots will allow you to access the blood and circulatory system more effectively at these points in your body

The brainstem that runs through your neck to your brain is located at the back of your neck. Pressing something cool against the back of your neck, or more accurately, against the brainstem. Will send a quick message to your brain that senses and regulates body temperature. A cold press on this area will expedite the cool sensation across your entire body.

A cooling neck wrap is one way to lowing your temperature quickly.

Heat + Acne = Maskne

Suppose you are out and about commuting on public transport and crowded areas. Amazon sells numerous cooling neck wraps that are available online that will help you survive the summer heat. Like it or not, the hot weather is here for a while, and the best cooling neck wraps are infinitely more effective than sticking your head in the freezer. Why I recommend these neck wraps is that they cool your body down much quicker. For another, you can leave the house with them.

I recommend if you use something cold like a cooling neck wrap, it is the best body hack to bring your temperature down in no time at all. If you dislike the heat as much as I do, check out the popular cooling neck wraps that work on Amazon. These wraps come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like designer scarves. It is all up to personal preference.

While they may look like your average wad of fabric, cooling towels are made with superior technology to that washcloth you use during your daily exercise or yoga class. I love having built-in ice packs and freezable gels, while others use polymers that slow down the evaporation rate when wet. That means they stay cool and feel refreshing for way longer, which will make your hikes, workouts, or summer walks are just a little bit more bearable.

What happens when you wear a mask in the heat?

If you are not first cooling your body down, you will quickly find that when you wear a mask. There is a greater chance for you to overheat and sweat greater than usual. Our body sweats to lower our rising body temperature the onset of the dreaded Maskne.

Under a facemask, the temperature and humidity rise rapidly. In the first place, when it gets hot, the body temperature increases, and the body’s function stay cool. It then adjusts the skin temperature by “sweating” to prevent an increase in body temperature.

With this additional moisture around your face mask, the likelihood that bacteria starts to breed increases.

The summer heat can increase the sebum (oil) production underneath the face mask it can become worse. Men will face sweat and oil. However, for women wearing cosmetic makeup, the sweating under the mask will also cause the makeup you are wearing to collapse. This breakdown of cosmetic makeup material can lead to a change in your skin’s pH balance of the skin. All this leads to is an ideal surface for bacteria to breed on your skin.

Add to this the continuous stimulation of wiping off the sweat from your skin with a moist facecloth. You will find that you are weakening the skin barrier function. This all can lead to a sweat rash, red skin or irritation under the face mask – Maskne. Who wants this? Certainly not me!

In this way, I must be careful because the summer heat and sweat caused by wearing the medical mask will affect your bodies’ physical condition and your skin condition.

These are my go-to tips on Skin Irritation or Inflamed skin.

For skin irritation, I recommend being very gentle on your skin. A good at-home routine is Rodan and Fields SOOTHE Regimen | THE Rodan and Fields Suz Skin Care Program in Japan.


Is that these two programs have been designed for those with visible redness or dry, sensitive skin. These are the results of skin that the wearing of the mask has weakened. These products are aimed at calming skin irritation. These products will nurture, moisturize and protect skin instantly. Over time you will see a lessening of the sweat rash and calmer skin.


What Happens to Your Skin When You Wear A Mask Daily?

To help calm skin down and take down the skin rash or inflammation from sweating underneath the mask. I recommend that you use a cooling, soothing face mask that is also moisturizing.

This can be done as an at-home application of the Rodan and Fields SOOTHE Rescue Maskwhile you binge-watch your NEW “It” Movie on Netflix. It only takes is just 10 minutes, and visible redness and skin irritation will be readily reduced.


This calming green fascial skincare mask boasts moisture-attracting Glycerine to help keep your skin feeling softer and more comfortable. The Soothe Rescue mask also contains Calamine known to calm skin and neutralizes irritants to relieve stressed skin. Remember when you were a kid and got chickenpox and had to be covered in Calamine Lotion.

What is Face Mask acne? Maskne

The result of wearing a face mask every day can lead to some of us seeing acne around the face mask area of our face (maskne). It will be that your skin shows signs of mask acne, blemishes.

Here are some of the best practices to avoid mask acne and return to clear skin. Some amazing skincare products are available to keep your skin clear.

Some easy, simple steps are advisable to follow to help your skin during this time.

What we know when you wear a mask daily outside or inside, especially during the hot summer months. Generally, during the summer months, your skin will face many conditions–factors such as heat and humidity. Now you have a medical facemask meeting your skin daily, which can lead to irritation. If you are working wearing the face mask, it will rub on areas of your face, specifically on the nose, cheeks and chin. It is normal to see sweat, dirt, oil and cosmetics —even traces of your moisturizer, sunscreen or essence, makeup, and lipstick. These are the things that you see on your skin after wearing a medical mask.

Mask acne does not just refer to acne, though that is the most common result of wearing a face mask all day. The medical face mask can also affect your skin, causing pimples, blemishes, black and whiteheads to appear on your face.


How to get rid of these mask acne and pimples

The hygiene tip is to wash your medical mask. A good rule of thumb when it comes to avoiding mask acne is that your mask should be washed after each wear. It is safer for you from a health perspective AND a skincare standpoint. It is incredibly easy for your cloth face mask to become filthy. The beauty products on your face moisturizers and cosmetic beauty products such as makeup, SPF Sunscreen, Lipsticks, and sweat accumulate on the cloth.

Being outside, you will be faced with the usual pollen, dirt, pollution. These things will adhere to your medical facemask. It is recommended that you wear a cloth mask to hand wash your mask in the sink after you remove it. Let it air dry and have another washable mask in your rotation to wear in the meantime. Using a mild, fragrance-free detergent to wash your mask is best if you want to avoid mask acne, skin irritation, or skin redness.

Recommended Facial Cleansing wipes

It is essential also that you have a product such as face wipes on you when you are out and about. Face wipes are key to keeping your skin as clean as possible when you take off your mask. It is essential not to find a sink that you use face wipes to cleanse your skin. This will assist in clearing the dirt and pollution from your skin when you cannot wash your face during the day.

Recommended Facial wipes?

Rodan and Fields ESSENTIALS Instant Makeup Remover Wipes


Rodan and Fields instant makeup remover wipes are perfect for cleaning your skin after a day of running errands, exercise or going to and from work in your mask. They are ultra-soft and gently remove cosmetics such as long-wearing makeup, as well as dirt and oil in just a few swipes. These wipes are formulated to prepare skin for your R+F program | routine and work well even for sensitive skin.

Washing your face daily with a non-drying cleanser

I highly recommend using a gentle facial cleanser to clean your skin from the makeup, sunscreen, and sweat built up under the mask. You already know the importance of hygiene, keeping your hands clean, and washing them often (for at least 20 seconds). In addition to using hand sanitiser regular. | Photo by Jade Fetterolf |

Using moisturizing face wipes during the day, then a cleanser at the end of the day.

If you’re home and you will not be going out the rest of the day and have done your daily exercise and are now home for the evening, it’s a good idea to wash your face with a good cleanser. If you want to address acne, lathering up with Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Refining Acne Wash,

Rodan and Fields Unblemish for Acne

The Rodan and Fields facial cleanser will help clear clogged pores, in addition to removing excess oil, makeup and impurities thanks to its Salicylic Acid + Colloidal Sulfur-infused formula in this cleanser.

Vice President of Product Development at Rodan and Fields Skincare, Dr Sumita Butani, highly recommends to “Use a face wipe when you remove your mask, and then use a gentle facial cleanser for sensitive, red, dry or irritated skin, like Rodan and Fields SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash | Rodan and Fields SOOTHE to balance face wash JAPAN. if you have any irritation,”

Dr Sumita Butani also recommends. “It is also important for your skin to use a facial cleansing skincare mask on your skin such as Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask or Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Refining Acne Wash three to four times a week for acne, pimple, blemish prevention. Then if you get a breakout, switch to the Rodan and Fields New and Improved – UNBLEMISH Regimen. that works to clear adult acne and prevent future breakouts,”

The next step how to get rid of your Mask acne blemishes, pimples

Now that you know how to avoid getting mask acne. How to treat the mask acne you have. Whether you are dealing with acne, pimples, blemishes, skin irritation or skin redness, there is a solution to treat your skin immediately.

Finally, use the Rodan and Fields Unblemished Clarifying Toner as your final step.


This toner is the last step in the Rodan and Fields Unblemished Program, formulated specifically for adult skin with acne and visible signs of ageing.

This refreshing, clarifying facial toner exfoliates away dead skin to help clear pores and brighten skin tone. The Toner includes mild Alpha-hydroxy Acids, which gently exfoliate the skin, while the Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and helps visibly firm. Green Tea Extract and Aloe Vera Extract help calm and soothe.

Acne (Maskne) does not have to be frustrating.

To take care of your acne-prone skin, try washing with Rodan and Fields SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash and following that up with the Rodan and FieldsUNBLEMISH Skincare Regimen (Only in the USA, Canada, Australia). In Japan, use the Rodan and Fields SOOTHE skin program as the gentlest on your skin.


The Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH program line-up include four formulated products to work together to clear adult acne and visibly improve signs of ageing.

Also available in the UNBLEMISHED RANGEIs the UNBLEMISH Clarifying Face Mask. It is recommended to help with acne and blemishes that you use this at least once a week. This treatment contains the maximum concentration of purifying Sulphur to treat existing acne and prevent new breakouts on your face.

Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISHED has also been successful in being used on your back acne and body acne. Audrey Anderson LinkedIn | email;- for a private appointment booking.

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