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Men’s Best Beauty Boom And Genderless Cosmetics

Beauty Products men

Men’s Beauty Boom – Male skincare exceeded female skincare in April 2021, according to June Jensen, UK director at market research firm NPD, compared to the prior year. For the boys’ industry, e-commerce is a strong shopping channel.

“Guys frequently report that entering a division retailer is intimidating,” she explains. “However, as the lockdown drove more online purchases, men [grew] more at ease with the purchasing experience.”

Shiseido-owned males’ line Uno had double-digit growth throughout the pandemic, which the firm ascribed to males becoming more image-conscious.

The men’s skincare market is approximately $18.92 billion. Men’s skincare products packaged with sustainably derived ingredients, on the other hand, are more likely to gain popularity by 2027, according to Grand View Research.

The majority of market participants rely substantially on product innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

Beauty Products men

Table of Contents - Men’s Beauty Boom And Genderless Cosmetics

Skincare is on the rise in men’s beauty products.

According to a new Grand View Research study, the global market for men’s skincare products is predicted to reach $18.92 billion by 2027. From 2020 to 2027, the market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 6.2% – a men’s beauty boom.

Forecasters credit the increase to a growing awareness among men about personal grooming, rising demand for men’s skincare products worldwide. Increasing discretionary income boosts growth as well.

Cleansers, face wash, and sunscreen are outselling shave care staples, demonstrating that male grooming moves beyond the fundamentals of fragrance and shaving.

During the projection period, the most popular platforms for men’s skincare solutions were offline distribution channels such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores.

Aesop, the creator of The Peaceful Pillowcase and the marketer of an organic facial cleanser famed for its vitamin-rich composition, agrees.

The bestseller product in the last four months, according to the brand, was a two-piece face mask set. However, males also purchased in a comparable size at Shiseido.

“I remember being 14 years old and looking through Sephora trying to pick out a cosmetic product,” Kat Von D, co-founder and creative director of Kat Von D Beauty, told us.

I recall looking over all of these different product names. I didn’t know what they were. I had no idea what the term “tanning” meant. It was completely unfamiliar to me.” What was the end result? In 2017, she debuted “sex-neutral” cosmetics and her first male fragrance, Pagan Pride, in the United States. The beauty of boys is maturing. I was speaking with ELLE.

Beauty Products men

Factors Contributing to the Rise in Beauty Products Boom for Men

The Men’s beauty boom is driving by men’s skincare growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. But, first, let’s talk about what guys want: Men’s heightened skincare knowledge is driving the increase in the demand for solution-driven skincare and beauty products.

What exactly is this growth catalyst? For starters, male skincare has typically lagged in the business. Furthermore, because so many women’s beauty products look the same (such as full-coverage foundations or, yes, inelegant packaging), males often find it difficult to discover the proper products for their skin type and lifestyle.

Retailers such as Becca, for example, have had a lot of success carving out a niche for natural cosmetics with men’s skincare and perfumes, which have distinct textures, ingredients, and aromas than those for women.

Males statistically have a higher socioeconomic level, which means they have a stronger financial motivation to acquire skincare and beauty products. According to Jensen, “the average price for male beauty products is higher than the average price for female beauty goods.”

The men’s market is becoming more comfortable as a result of online merchants.

Skincare Brands are learning that diversifying into male-focused products and even selling only online allows them to reach a larger audience.

The most successful businesses offer a wide range of high-quality products sold to a wider range of men while nailing a specific appearance and feel that men prefer. 

“This is where high-performing brands that appeal to guys can go, rather than just sticking to makeup for men,” Jensen adds.

“With the entrance of huge companies like Huda Beauty and Jeffree Star, the male beauty business is continuing to rise, as many men are looking for makeup brands that work.” ColourPop is a cult makeup company that is an excellent example of a male-targeted brand.

Men, too, must take care of their skin. Though men’s and women’s skin differs in some respects, we all need to prevent acne, reduce inflammation, and deal with the signs of ageing! So, here are some questions and answers from our male colleagues (and lives).

Beauty Products men

What is the contrast between men’s and women’s skin?

Some males, as you may know, have a lot of facial hair! Unfortunately, this consumes a significant amount of time in one’s daily routine, not to mention the time it can take to locate a suitable shaver. Fortunately, nowadays, you can simply Google “shavers reviewed” and get some advice, so that’s one less problem to worry about. Furthermore, due to elevated testosterone levels, a man’s skin is typically 25% thicker than a woman’s, and the texture is rougher.

Men’s skin has larger pores and oil glands, which results in higher oil production. As a result, guys with oily skin are more prone to acne. On the other hand, shaving exfoliates the skin regularly, which is helpful, but it can also irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs. Furthermore, men have more collagen than women. As a result, men’s skin seems to age more slowly.

Mens beauty boom - Beauty Products men

What’s the problem with men producing a lot of hormones that cause acne?

Yes, it is right. Androgens, such as testosterone, stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in men, resulting in clogged pores and acne. Male hormones also cause the cells that line hair follicles to become stickier, causing pores to clog faster and increasing the probability of pimples! Furthermore, stress, whether real or imagined, causes an increase in hormone production.

SPOTLESS The Regimen is primarily intended for adolescent and young adult acne. Because the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is the oiliest, clogged pores and breakouts are the most common. This two-step procedure eliminates acne, thoroughly cleans pores, and decreases the appearance of oil and shine.

The UNBLEMISH Regimen is intended for those who have drier, more sensitive skin with slower cell turnover. Although your clogged pores are still on your nose, breakouts are more common in the U-Zone, which is the lower part of your face (lower cheeks and chin). So, if you’re concerned about the signs of ageing, UNBLEMISH was created to combat them.

What about shaved hairs and ingrown hairs? What solutions are there for after shaving?

Many men have rough beards, which result in ingrown curly hairs and easily irritated skin. Razor cuts!

What you can do to make your skin happy – beauty products men!

1. Smooth out the surface. Get rid of dead skin cells that cause razors to skip and chip in the skin, resulting in razor burn on your neck. Gently massage the area.

Micro-Dermabrasion Apply to moist skin in a circular motion over your entire face to prepare your skin for a smoother glide with your razor.

The act of exfoliating dead skin cells will allow your facial curly hair to grow outward rather than within.

2. Soften your beard. Micro-Dermabrasion Paste swells and softens hair for a smoother, easier cut. Shaving along the direction of hair growth with a sharp, single-blade razor.

3. Allow the skin to relax. After shaving, apply RF SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment to reduce redness, dryness visibly, and flaking, keeping your skin smooth and ready for your next shave. In addition, consider using Active Hydration Serum to hydrate your skin.

4. Protective measures. Always wear sunscreen, and why not make it work harder for you? REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment is a three-in-one moisturiser, treatment, and sunscreen that aids in wrinkle reduction. SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen is a lightweight solution that absorbs quickly and calms, soothes, and eliminates visible redness.

What are some of the Best Men’s Beauty Products?

Given the similarities and differences, men and women can use the same dermatology-inspired R+F Regimens, albeit slightly differently at times. SOOTHE Regimen, for example, aids in the maintenance of the moisture barrier while also soothing sensitive skin.

Trying the SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash as a face cleanser and shave lotion. Those of you with oily skin, avoid using the Moisture Replenishing Cream. Instead, using the SPOTLESS Regimen’s Daily Acne Wash before shaving to exfoliate and wash away your skins excess oil gently. Thus, reducing the appearance of shine and leaving skin feeling clean and revitalised.

The UNBLEMISH Regimen includes a Gentle Exfoliating Acne Wash that can be used before shaving clean and unclog pores while removing blemishes. The REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash’s biodegradable beads do the heavy work of eliminating dead skin cells and allowing your razor to glide across smoother-feeling skin.

The REDEFINE Regimen eliminates dry skin cells that block pores while also helping to reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn by substituting your Daily Cleansing Mask with Micro-Dermabrasion Paste on damp skin to soften the beard.

After rinsing, pat dry and shave normally. Add-on products can also be used to address specific conditions, such as lowering puffiness and tired-looking eyes with Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex, which brightens and calms the delicate skin around the eyes.

Solution for my skin is inflamed and occasionally appears reddish?

Men have sensitive skin just as much as women, but they are less willing to confess it. Stress, climate change, travel, sun exposure, cosmetic use, friction, or rubbing can contribute to your genetic predisposition, making you more susceptible to the environment.

The SOOTHE Regimen is designed to relieve dry, irritated, sensitive skin and apparent redness by restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance. Moisture barrier with lipids and non-irritating substances that relax and soothe skin.

In the SOOTHE Rescue Mask, calamine is utilised to neutralise irritants, expose softer, smoother-looking skin in just 10 minutes, and reduce visible redness over time. First, however, pay attention to what is causing the redness; you could have rosacea, a skin condition.

You’ll be able to make better selections if you understand what generates that flushed appearance! Internal causes such as coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods might produce redness. A high sugar intake can lead to an acidic environment in which bacteria thrive and pustules form. The sun, heat, pollen, pollution, and rough handling of your skin can all cause redness and irritation. If your skin redness and irritation persist, see a dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment.

Men are increasingly utilising DermaCosmetics.

Men’s Beauty Boom – Companies are reacting by developing kits exclusively for males. Contouring products and gender-neutral cosmetics are examples of such products.

The beauty industry can do more with men’s heads: only one-fifth of high-end male grooming products sold in 2017 (male deodorants, aftershaves, and fragrance) were tested on males, compared to 18% of female grooming goods.

The study also discovered that women were 39% more likely to pay more for men’s skincare (excluding hygiene) and 25% more inclined to pay more for men’s fragrance.

Sephora is experimenting with colour, and Millennials, or men in their twenties and thirties, are the most inclined to test items.

Other male demographics include those in their 50s and the lower end of the market (55 per cent of NPD’s male grooming consumer base is younger than 35).

Again, Rodan and Fields Radiant Defense Tinted Moisturizers are a luxury skincare brand, and the opportunity to browse as if you were a private consultant is a plus.

If my skin is sensitive, can I use Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid?

The tinted moisturiser Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Applying a small amount of the liquid to the same area three times per day for three days. This lotion quickly decreases the appearance of skin redness. However, if you are concerned about potential irritability, we recommend performing a patch test before proceeding with the application. 

If your skin is red, irritated, stop using it. Instead, reaching out to me as an Independent Consultant.

Products And Genderless Cosmetics

Can I replace SPF with Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid?

Your skins premature ageing is caused by sun exposure. As a result, I recommend that you use Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid in addition to your SPF.

All Regimen steps, including SPF, should be followed with Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid as the final step in your skincare routine. In addition, skipping any stage of your Regimen may result in slower and/or less ideal results. The samples are simply for colour matching and do not offer any SPF protection. SPF is present in the full-sized product.

Can I use Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid if my skin is oily?
Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is a lightweight solution that is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), non-acnegenic (does not cause outbreaks), and suitable for all skin types.

The Genderless Cosmetics Revolution

Is cosmetics becoming a new requirement? According to Allied Market Research, the male personal care market is predicted to reach $166 billion by 2022.

This trend will likely continue because more companies cater to men, and people will want to try new products.

As more male-centric companies and items become available, men will feel more comfortable attempting traditionally feminine tasks like cosmetics.

The beauty industry has always been considered a female-dominated occupation, but that is changing as males are paving the way for a gender-neutral makeup sector.

For generations, men have worn cosmetics. Masculinity was highly revered in Egyptian culture, and cosmetics played an important role in this.

Men were using black pigment to create cat-eye patterns. Later on, kohl eyeliner, green eyeshadow, and lip and cheek stains were popular among men. Finally, Roman men were known for using crimson colour on their cheeks and powder to brighten their skin.

In the twentieth century, guys in makeup were reserved for artists like Steven Tyler, David Bowie, and Prince.

Men increasingly view cosmetics as necessary, similar to how they view skincare, rather than a commodity to enhance and beautify their appearance.

The most prevalent types of makeup are tinted moisturisers, concealers, and powders. Individuals seeking these items include those going on interviews or giving public speeches. ​

This is changing, particularly as cosmetics like lipstick and eyeshadow become increasingly popular in South Korea and Japan.

The Men’s Beauty industry in North America will adopt a similar approach.

Considering cosmetics as a form of grooming, albeit not on the same scale. Some trendsetters are making it more acceptable for men to pursue this industry, but I don’t think cosmetics will ever work for most men.

In terms of the future of cosmetics, I feel that terminology will evolve through time. I don’t think we’ll ever call it makeup again. It will be gender-agnostic.

To attract male clients, a model does not have to be completely macho, and some would argue that a unisex technique is more stylish. SuperOrdinary, for example, has invested in Good Gentle, a gender-neutral skincare product with the tagline “Magnificence beyond the binary.”

The model first appeared to complement Very Good Gentle’s beauty website, developed by the editor and online entrepreneur David Yi. Similarly, Patrick Starrr, a content developer, launched the cosmetics company One/Size on the notion that makeup is one size fits all.

Male-identifying prospects account for much over 20% of overall gross sales, according to the model. Furthermore, Nécessaire, a body care line, and Youth To The Individuals, a skincare line, have built a strong unisex appeal through basic, pared-back packaging and gender-neutral advertising and marketing.

While Kiehl’s is best known for its men’s skincare, its womenswear business is expanding, as are its menswear grooming lines. Gillette has a long history of utilising men and women to advertise a recent campaign starring Game of Thrones Alfie Allen, rounding out its genderless range. While Sand & Sky and Whitby, both located in London, are two of the more known labels, others have lately emerged.


Beauty Products men

Can men apply face masks?

Unquestionably this is part of the men’s beauty boom! The REDEFINE Rejuvenation Mask is one of the best things a man can do to renew himself before a big event, presentation, or date. Its effervescent blue formula contains moisturising Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, which draw moisture from the air and lock it onto the skin, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.

SOOTHE Rescue Mask is excellent if your skin is red or dry due to sun, heat, or cold exposure. Calamine helps by providing intense hydration and making your skin feel more comfortable.

The UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask cleanses excess oil, unclogs pores, and removes impurities from the skin’s surface in just 10 minutes. Furthermore, it uses the greatest concentration of purifying Sulfur to reduce visible redness and blotchiness produced by breakouts.

If your skin appears lifeless and you want to enhance your confidence, try the REVERSE Radiance Mask for a dramatically smoother texture and more luminous complexion in just 10 minutes. In addition, it will gradually even out skin tone for a more youthful appearance.

Key Takeaway's - Men’s Beauty Boom And Genderless Cosmetics

The next wave of male-led products is global male skincare. Whether as a reaction to “emasculation” or as a reaction to female beauty dominance, the men’s market contributes to creating what I term the Male Revolution: the rejection of female hegemony in the beauty industry.

Beauty Products men

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