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Rodan Fields Spotless

Rodan and Fields Spotless

Reasons the Proactiv Inventors Created a Teen Acne Line called Spotless. The dermatologists of Proactiv, Dr KatieRodan and Dr KathyFields, again – with an acne cure – for Rodan & Fields for a new teen-acne line.

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Reasons the Proactiv Inventors Created a Teen Acne Line called Spotless. The dermatologists of Proactiv, Dr KatieRodan and Dr KathyFields, again – with an acne cure – for Rodan & Fields for a new teen-acne line.

Rodan and Fields Spotless, $89, a two-step acne treatment line for teenagers under the Rodan & Fields brand, was introduced by the doctors, who are no longer involved with their first teen-acne line.

Spotless has a distinctly different formulation, and although the line is targeted at the same consumer as Proactiv, the doctors say — one based on the microbiome of the skin.

“This is science, and it’s not us coming up with a theory,” Dr Katie Rodan said. “It’s new, published data.”

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Most useful Teen Acne Skincare Ingredients

Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Acne can also weaken the skin, with a major effect on the confidence of teenagers and adults.

That acne goes when we get older”, is a common misconception. While some may have acne reduce with age, that does not always occur. Adult acne has received almost the same attention over the last few years as teen acne. It is important to consider the root causes of acne before addressing how to treat acne.

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What is acne, + what causes it?

Acne occurs if excess oil, skin or bacteria obstruct pores of the skin. Each skin pore is a hair and oil gland opening or follicle. When the oil releases sebum, it moves through the hair strand to the pores. It helps your skin stay lubricated and smooth. During this natural process, however, many underlying problems can arise that could lead to acne:

  • Too much oil is being produced from hair follicles. 
  • Pores are obstructed by dead skin cells. 
  • Pores have the growth of C-acne bacteria. 
  • Skin loss of oxygen 
  • Inflammation general
Other risk factors can contribute to acne in addition to these problems, such as: 
  • Hormonal variations during puberty or pregnancy 
  • Some medicines 
  • Refined sugar or carbohydrate-heavy diets 
  • Genetics and family history, especially with parents with acne

Effect of Acne Treatment and Prevention vs Spot Treatment

Spot therapy can help if you get a zit on occasion. They work by the direct delivery of acne fights to the targeted condition. Spot remedies can alleviate redness, swelling and suffering.

However, spot remedies are less effective than acne treatment and prevention if you have more frequent or regular breakouts. A holistic treatment approach is more successful. It would help if you dealt head-on with the issue of skin until the imperfection occurs.

It would be extremely helpful if you took measures to avoid acne from developing instead of spot treatments using a face-to-face acne care and prevention regimen.

Since an acne period normally lasts 28 days, real results and clean skin take around 6 to 8 weeks. SPOTLESS regimen Rodan and Fields use the advance of BPO2 technology to eliminate residual acne and avoid new defects in two simple steps. SPOTLESS Regimen Rodan and Fields is specifically designed for the treatment of acne in adolescents and young adults.

What is the gold standard in Acne-Fighting Ingredients?

Benzoyl Peroxide 

The gold standard for acne treatments is benzoyl peroxide. The bacteria on the skin surface are reduced as it acts as an antiseptic. Benzoyl Peroxide works very well; acne bacteria cannot build a resistance to it.

The Benzoyl Peroxide is the active ingredient in Rodan and Fields SPOTLESS regime and Rodan Fields UNBLEMISH diets. Although the patent-sufficient BPO2 formulation frequently irritates your skin, it maximizes the value of the Benzoyl peroxide and minimizes the possible irritation. Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide can be obtained in different strengths, 2.5% vs 5%. In certain cases, a product with less strength is more effective than a product with higher concentrations. The less concentrated formulations often decrease the possible side effects. In the use of Benzoyl Peroxide, this powerful ingredient is best to develop tolerance with time. Benzoyl Peroxide comes as a cleaning bar, lotion, cream and gel or mask in different shapes and supply systems.

The use of benzoyl peroxide causes dryness which is one of the worst problems. Add a moisturizer to preserve skin hydration and reduce Benzoyl Peroxide dryness potentials. Choose a moisturizer such as RECHARGE Ultra Boost Moisturizing Treatment that allows the skin moisture to recover and avoid noticeable stress signs.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is well known as salicylic acid that removes dead skin cells from a surface layer. It also reduces redness and swelling (inflammation), preventing the development of pimples. For you to see the full impact, it will take around four to six weeks.

It’s a perfect first step product as you prepare your skin for stronger ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide for acne treatment.

the gold standard in Acne-Fighting Ingredients?


The excess oil on the surface of your skin that causes acne is absorbed by sulfur. Sulfur is amazing in helping to unclog pores; sulfur often dries dead skin cells. Sulfur is the same as benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid as the topical cream ingredient. Sulfur is a milder ingredient than the other ingredients.

Sulfur is used in purifiers, masks, creams, scrubber, washes and sprays, lotions, soaps and sprays.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) 

AHAs are acids present most commonly in plant and animal-based acids that are water-soluble. While AHAs are mainly used for exfoliation, preventing acne breakouts, and even exceptional anti-ageing properties are present.

AHAs can also reduce the size of larger pores over time. Since acne-prone skin typically has larger pores, it is a perfect way to avoid acne by minimizing pore size. Clogged pores, in the first place, are one of the main causes of acne.

Glycolic and lactic acid exfoliation (types of AHAs) can reduce acne-causing noticeable discolouration. Some acne drugs have extra AHAs, such as citric and malic acids, to help relieve inflammatory skin.

Like any skin concern, a skincare routine can take up to two to three months to see visible results. Acne is no different. Acne is no different. The patience and compliance of acne are the main factors for improving your skin.


Natural Products - to fight acne

Natural Products

Some ingredients, such as Tea Tree Öil, Charcoal, and Green Tea, can help prevent acne. Tea Tree Oil’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects make it one of the most common. Tree Oil also leads to the elimination of visible redness, inflammation and pores.

Be mindful of its strength. I recommend personally not to use it as I am allergic to it. However, if you want to try this, I recommend to prevent irritation, the tea tree oil needs to be diluted with other natural oils.

What is in Rodan and Fields Spotless?

If you are not aware, SPOTLESS is a two-stage system using BPO2 technology to supply additional benzoyl peroxide and oxygen directly into pores to destroy acne bacteria. Remember to obey the Two rule for best results: two steps, twice a day, two minutes. You are using the Daily Acne Wash and the Acne Clearing Cream, beginning with the first day of treatment, to minimize the oily incidence and defect formation.

Spotless Before and Afters

How Rodan and Fields Spotless Teen Acne Treatment Works

These products include a new BPO2 patent-pending technology to penetrate pores to tackle and avoid breakouts of decreased irritation. Step one is the daily acne wash off line, and step two is the remedy for acne clearing. The two try to facilitate the flow of oxygen into pores to stop pimples together. This oxygen flow is intended to make the skin comfortable. Industry sources predicted that the pair would produce revenue of about $60 million in the first year.

“This genuinely involves the microbiome, the oxygen,” said Rodan. “We have the microbiome layer on the surface of the skin, which is a bunch of various bacteria living in peace, harmony and overflowing with oxygen.”

Before this, doctors noted that they thought it was essential to destroy any bacteria causing acne on the skin. Instead, they argue that what matters is what happens to the acne-causing bacteria in the pore, particularly as they are oxygen-free.

“This is the horrible icky, soupy mess inside the pore,” Rodan said. They also said the “soft mess” would finally become a pimple.

“We have an exfoliated crystal-based wash technology because we want to get into the pores and disintegrate the biofilm,” Fields remarked.

“Topical acne products can be the cause of irritation,” said Rodan. “Irritation is what prevents teenagers from using products, and young adults who want to be blemish-free do not want to swap it for red, dry skin.”

Fields said, “We discovered this with Proactiv. “Teens would take a step away or be frustrated and wouldn’t take a step.”

This shift marks the first step Rodan and Fields have taken since they departed from Proactiv. The company has previously concentrated entirely on adults and sold $186 Million in the  Unblemish-based acne treatment line. However, the corporation said that this line was reformulated to include salicylic acid and soft exfoliators.

Both these Acne Skincare lines will be sold directly to customers, both online and through Rodan & Fields Consultant, such as myself.

“One of the things that are so powerful about how we go to market is that it’s so personalized,” said Rodan & Fields chief executive officer Diane Dietz. “Our consultants are very connected to moms. I’ve heard it firsthand myself when my girlfriends are like, ‘Why don’t you have a teen product?’”

SPOTLESS has already influenced many lives, changed innumerable teeth and gained the attention of leading publications, including Teen Vogue. SPOTLESS has been named Best in Beauty Breakthrough Award 2019 by Allure Magazine!

Rodan and Fields Spotless

Rodan and Fields Spotless

These exciting accomplishments culminate in the unveiling of the very own website of SPOTLESS Regimen:

Now you can see exciting before and after improvements from SPOTLESS users, learn about the game-changing information behind the regime, understand how we can get started with a two-step treatment and view our most recent SPOTLESS campaign created with a world-renowned illustrator, digital animator and creative director Donna Adi. Quick access to the SPOTLESS Shop now, naturally!

About Rodan and Fields Spotless

If nothing is working, consider – Prescription-Strength Skincare or Medication.

It’s time to ask your doctor about prescription-strength meds if you haven’t had any results following multiple over-the-counter acne drugs. A dermatologist will help you find a cure for acne treatment and obtain clean skin.

If bacteria invade follicles, this leads to large bumps called Acne Vulgaris (Cystic Acne). If you have acne vulgaris, you should use a retinoid-based drug with acne retinoid function to release clogged follicles, causing cyst acne that clears the skin. Retinoids are a source of vitamin A. Usually, retinoids are combined with antibiotics. As the retinoid opens blocked follicles, antibiotics are applied to remove Acne Vulgaris, causing bacteria.

How To Speak To a Rodan Fields Consultant?

Please send me an email –
  • Use the button to book an online appointment to chat with me.


How Do I buy Rodan and Fields Spotless?


How Do I Receive The Spotless Products?

  • They will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the USA, Canada, Australia once you place your order online.


What If I Do Not Like The Spotless?

  • You can get a full money back before 60 days. Contact me, so I am aware of the return. Rodan and Fields will credit your card. Having me as your consultant, I will do the leg work for you.
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