Rodan Fields Lash boost vs Lash Extensions

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Vs Lash Extensions.

% of research participants who saw an increase in the appearance of:

  • lashes that appear 90 percent fuller
  • lashes that seem to be 85 percent longer
  • lashes that are 63 percent darker in appearance

Ready to return to enjoy your Lashes? You can improve the appearance of eyelet volume and length overnight with the innovative Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields. And now we go into the laboratory together with resident R+F specialist Dr Tim Falla, Professor, to learn how science offers you the best curses in your life behind Rodan Fields Lash Boost.

Table of Contents - Rodan Field Lash boost vs Lash Extensions

Innovative Science Rodan Field LashBoost


Would you like large, vibrant, young and alive eyes? Just show the same reverence for your eyelashes as your eyes – they are more similar than you can imagine. Like skin, your lashes become weak due to the loss of hydration and become damaged through your typical day to day beauty routines.

It is time to protect your lashes from daily wear and tear. The technology of Rodan Field Lash BoostTM works every night to provide your cloves with the highest moisture, nutrients and strength. You will visibly enjoy longer-looking cups in as little as four weeks. Moreover, you can generate over time and regular use of your results by networking your most luxurious, youthful clothing ever.

Contact me below, and then finally, you’ll get thicker, more spectacular, darker, 100% authentic, 100% yours.

How Much Does Lash Boost cost?

Rodan + Fields LASH BOOST

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the price drops to $139.00 | $155.00.

Who wants mascara these days? Conditioning serum applied at night gives the appearance of fuller, thicker, darker-looking lashes and brows.
Size: 5 mL / 0.17 oz. The United States
Typical Dose: Once a day, in the evening.

KEY BENEFITS: Keeps lashes moist, increases lash longevity, and protects against breakage.
PRIMARY ISSUES: Thin, sparse eyelashes and brows

Rodan Fields Lash Boost

These days, there are more modern, longer-lasting options, including lash extensions and our lash conditioning serum, Rodan Field Lash Boost. In the not-too-distant past, there were really only two ways to make your eyelashes appear thicker, longer and darker, and both were temporary: mascara or false lashes. 

 If you’re considering an upgrade to one of these newer choices, R&F expert-in-residence Mary Radford, RN, recommends that you make your decision based on the results you’re hoping for and the time commitment that makes the most sense for you.


Lash extensions are individual fibres (either natural or synthetic) that are attached to your natural lashes at a salon,” says Mary.

Lash Extensions may be right for you if: 
You want instant gratification. “You immediately see a dramatic difference with extensions,” says Mary, making them a great option for a special event that’s coming up soon.

Expense isn’t an issue. “An initial set of lash extensions can cost hundreds of dollars,” R&F Mary says. Plus, there’s the additional cost for maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks.

You have time for upkeep. “Salon application can take up to an hour, and requires you to return regularly to maintain your lash extensions.”

You don’t mind a lengthier routine. “You must be gentle with your lash extensions lest they — or your natural lashes underneath — fall out.” This might slow down your makeup and cleansing routines, but is necessary to keep your lash extensions in prime condition.

You prefer an edgier look. “Depending on the style, lash extensions can look overtly faux,” R&F RN Mary says. If you intend your look to be dramatic, you can match the length and fullness of your extensions to match.

Rodan Fields Lash Boost Growth Serum

“Rodan Fields Lash Boost is a conditioning serum,” explains Mary. “Applied to your natural lash line each night, it will make your lashes appear fuller, longer and darker over time.”

Lash Boost may be right for you if:

You prefer a natural look. “The lashes you see are your real lashes,” Mary says, ensuring they won’t look fake.

You prefer to minimize maintenance. “Applying Lash Boost is quick and requires no salon appointment,” Mary notes. Once you achieve results, you can apply Lash Boost less frequently.

You’re consistent. “You have to apply the product regularly, as directed,” Mary points out, so consistency is key.

You want to condition additional areas. “You can also use Lash Boost on your brows to improve their appearance over time,” Mary says.

You’re willing to invest time in real results. “It takes 4-8 weeks to see visible results,” Mary says, noting that the results are long-lasting.

Whichever route you take today, keep in mind that the appearance of longer, fuller lashes that are 100% real and 100% yours is an investment many feel that is definitely worth making.

Save Time - R&F Lash boost

It’s wonderful to get your beauty to feel natural at the start of your day. You are saving you much time on your everyday routine. Not required mascara or liner. Rodan Field Lash Boost will be particularly useful for those who have lighter eyelashes, such as natural blondes or redheads. Seeking an alternative to lash extensions would not only save you a considerable amount of money every month; it also saves time.

Most wean themselves from daily lash extensions, as lash studios were closed in 2020. The good news is that you probably have more time to look after your lashes from home. Good lash treatment is important to ensure that they are as safe as possible between Professional Lash extension appointments during this time.

Lash Extension Removal

A Lash Technician should only remove extensions. Trust us in. If your eye looks like a narwhal and you are left with just one lash. Professional removal or old-fashioned patience is required with lash extensions. Finally, with the normal growth period of your lashes, these extensions will eventually fall off.

Do not try removal at home as you may damage your natural lashes if you remove lash extensions. So for the moment, try riding it out.

Dive Deeper – Lash Care

Learn more about Rodan Fields Lash Boost. Please contact me.

Six ways to achieve the appearance of thicker, more full-length lashes

1. Clean Your Lashes 
It is much more difficult to thoroughly clean the lashes when you have lash extensions than in between lash extension applications. Why? Since you can remove your extensions, you will be unable to give them a thorough wash. This process might dissolve your eyelash glues; hence, why lash technicians instruct you to use oil-free maquillage remover or eye maquillage removal pads.

However, after you remove mascara, you can use a daily wash, oil cleansing, washing or maquillage towel to make it extra clean. Use a spooly brush and get there really to make sure your lashes get a proper “shampoo.” Just as washing your hair, when you wash your head, cleaning your eyelash at the root will ensure they remain healthy. Also, take a break between appointments; it is necessary to allow a little space to breathe.

2. During breaks, use a lash serum
Every night, a lash serum, such as R+F Lash Boost, will help to build the appearance of longer, more fully looking clothing on your fabric. Consistency is essential for the findings to be shown. Lash serums vary from extensions as they are a brand new solution that you can use in a living room with a long consultation versus an application at home. How to use it: Firstly, remove all of your makeup and wash your face. Make sure your pants and cords are dry – it’s important to do that. Just use the Lash Boost on the top of both eyes. Dip the brush one time and clean off the brush with any excess substance. Wipe the eyelids and lashes gently away from any leftover serum. After application, you want to ensure that you don’t wash the face or eye area. Providing the Lash Boost to dry for about 90 seconds before applying or sleeping other items in the eyes. You may not need to go back to the cost of monthly extensions when you see how beautiful your natural lashes look.

3. Your lashes are nourished
Sweet almond oil is a perfect selection to keep your cloves moisturized and conditioned. It will help if you put this on your lash before you sleep overnight with a clean spoolie brush to help you keep it in good shape between lash extension stages. Try putting beaver oil on every night during the day on the days where you missed another Makeup when you are applying Lash Boost. Do you a deep clean when you are at home, as part of your Selfcare Sunday? A perfect time to make your lashes deeper.

4. Treat yourself to a facial
Steam is not ideal for lengthening the time between lash extensions. But it’s a fantastic time for facials to break from extensions and choose mascara. Ideal for when you can go to the spa again or a DIY at-home spa. Steam is good for purifying your pores to make skin appear youthful before using a clay mask to treat oiliness or a hydrating mask.

5.Side Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers can Celebrate
One thing which is hard for many eyelash lovers to accept is to sleep on their back to keep their lashes protected. If you let your lashes breathe and get well again, you can sleep as you want during your respite from appointments. Try to sleep with a soy or satin pillow to help preserve skin and hair protection. Reducing pressure through the whole night while tossing and turning plus allows your skin to look youthful.

6. Wear Falses
I know mascara can be so much fun, but why not get it up with fake lashes on those very special occasions? Choose individual clusters of lashes for a more natural look. Or you can cut fake lash strips into smaller pieces and add them just at the end of lashes.

You may also try a lash lift or easily curl your lashes to give a wide-open look to your eyes. The result is a long, open cat-eye effect that improves any look of maquillage. Some brands on the market offer magnetic cloths with small magnets which first stick to the magnetic fluid eyeliner.


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