Spotless Acne Treatment – New Standard In Teen Acne

ACNE REVOLUTION- Spotless Acne Treatment

Spotless Acne Treatment

Spotless Acne Treatment

Spotless Acne Treatment – Some rather mighty misconceptions on Instagram, and Tiktok seem to endure scientific evidence proving them wrong. As dermatologists and acne specialists, Dermatologist Rodan and Fields believe in learning the truth to resolve your skin issues properly.

Acne can be really confusing for the person who has it; it can cause self-esteem problems and cause anxiety. If acne is seriously taking over your life, some dermatologists can support you and take a closer look at why you’re having these breakouts.

About- Spotless Acne Treatment

What exactly is Rodan and Fields Spotless Acne Treatment?

Rodan and Fields Spotless Acne Treatment a Game-Changing Acne treatment for teens. What’s even more impressive is that Spotless Acne Treatment accomplishes all of this in just two quick steps: The Regular Acne Wash is a gentle exfoliating cleanser with 5% benzoyl peroxide that cuts through oil and other surface films to equip your Teen skin for Acne Clearing Treatment.

What Is The Big Draw In Rodan and Fields Spotless Acne Treatment?

Two main discoveries drove spotless Acne Treatment: Firstly, young people lead busy lives and really don’t have the time as they did in 1995. The Dermatologist Dr Rodan and Dr Fields “We learned from Proactiv that three steps are too many, especially for teenagers,” Rodan says. “No one uses it if you don’t keep it easy.”

The second discovery needed a little more investigation. Rodan + Fields explored the function of the microbiome — the bacterial colony that resides on the skin’s surface — in acne. 

Historically, we assumed that acne was caused by sticky oil plugging up skin pores and the P. acnes bacteria — causing Acne breakouts and is typically in teens or young adults microbiome — dining off the plug overpopulating Dr Rodan explained in the Allure article on Spotless. “It turns out that’s not the whole story.”

What to Look for in Skincare Products for Teen Acne

The newly discovered plot twist is as follows: The microbiome is bathed in oxygen while it is on the surface of your skin. However, as it moves deeper into the pores, where oxygen is scarce, the O2-starved P. acnes undergoes an Extraordinary Hulk-like transformation, transforming from harmless, mild-mannered bacteria into violent, destructive bacteria that destroy all other bacteria in their way. This wacky scenario sets off your body’s inflammatory response, which results in zits.


About- Spotless Acne Treatment

Rodan + Fields Spotless Acne Treatment is a reformulated, tried-and-true acne fighter, benzoyl peroxide, to stop this blemish-producing cycle. “We know it’s the best cure for destroying acne bacteria and unclogging pores,” says Fields, “but it’s notoriously annoying.” “Also, the standard crystal BP molecule has difficulties penetrating past the skin’s surface and down into the pores where it needs to be to do its job.”

The next generation of benzoyl peroxide is used in Spotless. BPO2 technology, which is unique to Rodan + Fields, is a stabilised, liquid form of benzoyl peroxide that moves deep into pores past the microbiome, causing less irritation and dryness while being much more effective. Simultaneously, oxygen — another antimicrobial — is pumped through pores to prevent P. acnes from going into Hulk mode and causing havoc.

“This two-step approach achieves more than conventional benzoyl peroxide alone,” Fields says. “Getting oxygen into the pores normalises the microbiome there, which in turn prevents the inflammatory reaction that causes pimples.”

What’s even more impressive is that Spotless Acne Treatment. 

Spotless Acne Treatment can accomplish all of this in just two fast steps: The Regular Acne Wash is a gentle exfoliating cleanser with 5% benzoyl peroxide that cuts through oil and other filks on the surface of your skin in preparation for the Acne Clearing step 2. The dual-chamber bottle contains potent BPO2 technology and hydrating glycerine and anti-inflammatory bisabolol, allantoin, and blueberry.



With this two-part regimen, you can give acne a one-two punch. With revolutionary BPO2 Technology, you can clear existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming in two easy steps.
Typical Use: Twice daily, in the morning and evening.

KEY BENEFITS: Exfoliates blemishes, deep cleans pores, and controls the appearance of oil and shine.
SKIN CONCERNS: Wrinkles, blemishes, and breakouts in teenagers and young adults

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About- Spotless Acne Treatment

So while we are here with Rodan and Fields Spotless Acne Treatment – here are some Acne Myths I would Like to Bust!!!

Dermatologists can be the ones to help you with a variety of skin disorders, and that may be a step in the right direction to make you feel a little more secure! But for the time being, we’re here to debunk these myths once and for all:

  • MYTH #1: THE SUN IS GOOD FOR ACNE!! FALSE!! First and foremost, and we hope this isn’t news to you, there is no such thing as a safe tan! Sun exposure harms the skin, and the “tan” you see is the body’s response to this injury. Teen and Young Adult Acne sufferers often assume that exposure to sunlight can dry out their blemishes. Sun exposure, unfortunately, aggravates acne.

Small amounts of sun exposure can improve your acne because the blue band of visible light helps sterilise acne bacteria. However, sun exposure inevitably contributes to the shedding of dead skin cells, which clogs pores, which is a key step in the acne cycle. In certain cases, sun exposure causes post-acne dark spots. As the final phase in the UNBLEMISH Regimen, sunscreen is applied to protect skin from the sun’s rays.


  • MYTH #2: SUNSCREEN FALSE CAUSES ACNE!! We suggest a non-comedogenic sunscreen that will not clog your pores. In reality, it is critical to protect all skin from the sun, even acne-prone skin. Myth #1 see above!


  • MYTH #3: YOU CAN’T USE MOISTURISER IF YOU HAVE ACNE FALSE!! Many people have both dry skin and acne, and moisturiser makes the skin feel more relaxed. Use a non-comedogenic moisturiser or hydrating cream, such as Active Hydration Serum. In reality, both the Teen SPOTLESS Acne Treatment and UNBLEMISH Regimens will benefit from the addition of Active Hydration Serum to hydrate and prevent dry skin. Moisturising can also help minimise shine because oil production can be caused by too-dry skin compensating in excess oil.


  • MYTH #4: ATTACKING ACNE BY STRIPPING OIL FROM YOUR SKIN AND SENSELESSLY SCRUBBING IT IS A GOOD IDEA!! Drying the skin with ingredients like rubbing causes it to become parched and irritated, causing it more responsive to infection. Also, My recommendation is that everyone should avoid apricot pit scrubs. They possess the potential to cut your skin, causing your acne to heal more slowly and leaving scaring.


  • FALSE!! MYTH #5: SPOT TREATMENTS ARE THE Only WAY TO TREAT ACNE Spot treatments may help dry up a new pimple, but that pimple was forming for weeks before you were even aware of its presence! As a result, we treat the whole acne cycle with a full-face approach. And our Rodan and Fields SPOTLESS and UNBLEMISH Regimens are founded on the fact that acne is more easily handled by prevention than spot treatment.


  • MYTH #6: Consuming GREASY FOODS, CHOCOLATE, OR CAFFEINE Triggers ACNE FALSE!! According to medical reports, acne is rarely caused by food, including chocolate, pizza, potato chips, and French fries. Of course, we’re not recommending that you go out and gorge on all of those foods; they’re terrible for you for a variety of reasons, and acne isn’t one of them. There is some evidence that a high glycemic diet — refined foods and simple sugars like bread — contributes to breakouts.


  • MYTH #7: You Can Cure ACNE – WRONG!! Acne does not have a cure. You can, however, help avoid and manage mild to severe acne blemishes, just as you can for other skin conditions. Our SPOTLESS Acne Treatment and UNBLEMISH Regimens discuss the specific cause of blemishes at each point of the acne cycle. To keep acne at bay, use the Regimens regularly. You can eventually use these less frequently or move to a different Regimen, such as REDEFINE.


  • MYTH #8: ACNE IS YOUR FAULT- A GREAT BIG FALSE!! This is perhaps the most destructive misconception because it exacerbates the feelings of guilt or humiliation that are frequently associated with acne. Acne is not— your fault, according to the dermatologist. 

Many factors contribute to your teen acne, including genetics, hormones, bacteria, clogged pores, stress, drugs, irritation, and even travel. Many of these variables are beyond your control. What you can have power over is how you treat your skin condition daily.


  • MYTH #9: You Can Remove PIMPLES CAN BE  WITH GLASS CLEANER AND TOOTHPASTE FALSE!! We’re not sure where this myth came from, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not real! Household cleaners are abrasive, and toothpaste is, well, toothpaste. My recommendation for your skin is that toothpaste and glass cleaner are products that you should never use. In reality, both can cause skin irritation. 

My recommendation is please consider using only clinically approved ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid to treat acne effectively. Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide are two ingredients that you should use along with a full-face solution that prevents your acne blemishes from developing in the first place, rather than Acne spot treatments.


Rodan and Fields Spotless + Unblemish

Break the Acne Cycle | Rodan and Fields

SPOTLESS Skincare (for teens and young adults aged 12-24) and UNBLEMISH Skincare (for adults) | Image courtesy of Rodan +Fields

SPOTLESS and UNBLEMISH skincare were both formulated by the Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. These two skincare programs use a full-face approach to combat the entire acne cycle.

Why? Because by the time acne shows up on the surface of your skin, it has been developing for days, even weeks! Spot treating acne is not the answer. A regular acne program that addresses the entire face and fights acne before it has a chance to form is needed.

The Doctors’ Multi-Step Science Therapy approach combines the proper ingredients in the proper formulations to go deep into the pore and create an unfriendly environment to acne-forming conditions.


Why TWO separate acne regimens?

Teen skin differs greatly from adult skin.  

Acne is a complicated issue, and teen skin is very different from adult skin, as the chart above shows. So, what’s so revolutionary about the new SPOTLESS regimen for teens and young adults? Proprietory BPO2 technology.

The Doctors and their team of scientists have figured out a way to get the maximum amount of liquified Benzoyl Peroxide and Oxygen to the deepest part of the pore on


Break the Acne Cycle

DAY 1. It is extremely effective and fast-acting yet gentle enough for skin showing its first blemish at age 10 or 12.

Exfoliates oxygenates, cleans and clears pores for results after the first use and long-lasting results with continued use.

SPOTLESS Acne Treatment is just what teens need. Why? Because it is simple, fast-acting and gentle. It has been shown that teens will not use more than 2 steps of any skincare regimen. 

You will not use Spotless Acne Treatment results take too long to see or that the treatment irritates your skin. Thanks to the Doctors and their team of scientists, no need to have any of these concerns with 

SPOTLESS Acne Treatment Users! 87% saw results after ONE USE and 100% after using SPOTLESS Acne Treatment for ONE WEEK. 100% saw improvement. That is virtually unheard of in clinical trials.

What Does SPOTLESS Acne Treatment do?

Acne bacteria are eliminated.

  • Deep cleans and clears pores, resulting in a reduction in their apparent size.
  • It aids in the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.
  • Prevents the creation of new blemishes
  • Controls and diminishes the appearance of oiliness and shine.



To Learn More about SPOTLESS Acne Treatment and how much it cost, please go to my shop. See an account of the science, Spotless Acne Treatment, before and after photos and clinical trial findings. Find out which gift is available with each regimen while supplies last when they first launch.

Take the online solutions tool to see whether one of the new regimens is recommended for you.

I would love to help you address your skin concerns and get better-looking skin every day. Achieve life-changing results with Rodan + Fields today.



Do you know a teen or young adult that would like to try SPOTLESS? Would someone you know like to try the new and improved UNBLEMISH? 


The best time to join a company is in global expansion and when new products launch. – Forbes Magazine, June 2018. “Here’s the thing about Rodan + Fields.”


Rodan and Fields Press


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