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Who is Cheerie Aquino?

Cheerie Aquino has long understood that you must show tenacity and eagerness to learn from those around you to be successful. As a child in a rural village in the Philippines, her family lived fairly comfortably, her father working as a farmer and her mother as a school teacher.

What was Cheerie Aquino Childhood like?

However, when her mother died, it was up to her seven older siblings to ensure that she received the necessary care and attention while her father worked. “I didn’t have my own choices. They set everything up for me, and I followed their lead.” Determined to create a prosperous life, she stuck to the detailed structure that her siblings had built to achieve her aspirations.

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Business Leadership Skills Rodan Fields Consultant  

How did Cheerie Learn about Rodan Fields?

After focusing on her education, Cheerie studied pharmacy and eventually immigrated to the United States for work.

When an acquaintance of a former pharmacy classmate reached out to her on Facebook about Rodan + Fields products, she was hesitant. “I was polite, but I wasn’t interested. I thought I had good skincare.”

What Was the Tipping Point For Cheerie Aquino and Rodan Fields?

However, after learning more about the business, she began to brainstorm how the opportunity could supplement her income while giving her and her husband more of the time and freedom they’d been craving as full-time hospital pharmacists.

“We didn’t realize how much time we were missing in the lives of our children. One day, my husband came home after several days of work, and my youngest daughter said to him, ‘Why are you here in my home?’ We laughed, but it was sad. That was when I realized that we needed to cut back [on our working hours]. I told myself that there must be a better way.”

How Did Cheerie Find Success with Rodan Fields As A Woman In Business Leadership? 

Finding Unexpected Success When her nanny decided to retire, Cheerie knew that it was more important than ever to leap to change her work schedule.

After attending a Rodan Fields event in New York City and discovering how the other women in business leadership there were “so nice, with such positive energy,” she immediately signed up as a Consultant in July of 2018.

Though she wasn’t expecting to see results from the products, people noticed after using her discount to experiment with them. “People at work kept asking me if I was wearing makeup or what I’d done with my skin.

What Was The Woman In Business Leadership Example For Cheerie?

Every day, different people would ask me about my skin.” By talking about the products with her friends and co-workers, she started growing her team quicker than she anticipated.

In her first month of business, she signed on four Consultants and earned back her investment, and by the sixth month, Cheerie says she was one of the top five emerging builders in her team and rising success as a woman in business leadership with Rodan Fields.

Business Leadership Skills Rodan Fields Consultant  

Woman In Business Leadership Example of Cheerie Aquino with Rodan Fields?

Developing Her Strength Even with her accelerated growth and commitment to hard work, there were still aspects of the business that Cheerie grappled with because of her shyness.  “At a party, I’m not one to introduce myself. I’ll be in a corner minding my own thing. I felt like it was time for me to grow [out of my shell]…I’d never done anything like this before.  Cheerie, I love a challenge, and after working in the pharmacy industry for twenty years, I didn’t feel like I was being challenged anymore.”  

What Business Leadership Skills Did Cheerie Aquino Aquire?

 With her Rodan Fields Sponsor’s support, Cheerie continued shifting her thoughts out of her comfort zone, reaching out to people about the opportunity even though she was nervous.  “You have to conquer your fears. Be like a child. You know how a child is – they don’t think about what could go wrong when they ride a roller coaster, for example.  They ride it without judgement. That’s what Cheerie did.”

Dreaming Of More Now, Cheerie is looking forward to her business opportunities ahead, such as expanding her family’s foundation in her mother’s honour to donate school supplies to children in her home village in the Philippines.

She’s been inspired as a Woman in Business Leadership to build a supportive, inclusive team for people who may not feel Rodan Fields suits them.

“When I joined this community of like-minded women, I felt so ecstatic.

Cheerie Woman In Business Leadership Advice To Other Woman

I want to reach out to other women, especially immigrants, who think they don’t fit in the mainstream. Even though they are Americans, a lot of them still feel like they don’t belong here.

They feel that they can’t grow beyond their community. But I’m telling them that they can strive for more. This business knows no boundaries because everybody has skin.

Everybody needs skincare – it’s a universal language. You can talk with someone different from your culture, who dresses differently than you or practices a different religion because they’re also looking for a way to improve their skin.”

Business Leadership Skills Rodan Fields Consultant  

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